My Kids

Now that I have kids, my outdoor time has been cut down some. However, they are all old enough now to participate in some ways and in other ways have become my excuse to be outdoors. Kayla ,18, is my stepdaughter. I have raised her since she was 4 so in my heart and mind she is my daughter. She likes fishing and has done a little hunting. Zachary is now 8 and loves to fish. Olivia is 6, and just enjoys the outdoors. The following is a picture essay of the three of them. Click on name link to see more.

zachary and olivia

Zachary and Olivia with the "we're going fishing" smiles. This was taken at Toledo Bend lake.

 Zachary will take any chance he can to fish. This was at Lake Livingston. He would rather be out on my boat, but doesnt mind fishing from shore. zacharylakeside
going fast Just like almost any kid, Zachary's biggest thrills come when he can speed across the lake. Sometimes this is all he wants, and that's fine too.

Kayla loves to shoot. Here she is holding my Mossberg 5500 12 ga. She likes this gun over her youth model. And be careful guys, if daddy misses, Kayla won't.

 armed kayla
 now what  Okay, so we still need to work on her taking her fish off the hook. One thing at a time. Right now, it's getting her hooked on fishing.
 Do you think he is proud? Missing a nice bass earlier was eased by catching this one.  fish on

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